CHN 001 Analysis of different organic standards
CHN 002 CNS analysis in reference soil samples
CHN 003 Oxygen determination of organic, inorganic, and fluorinated samples
CHN 004 Combustion and pyrolysis system for coupling with isotope mass spectrometer for the determination of stable isotopes of CHNSO
CHN 005 Multielement - Isotopenverhältnisanalyse zur Authenzitätsbewertung von Naturstoffen
CHN 006 Differentiation of TC, TOC and IC in solid samples through difference and direct method
CHN 007 CNS- determination in plant samples
CHN 008 CHN - S determination in solid and liquid fuels
CHN 009 Nitrogen and protein determination in food and animal food
CHN 010 N-CHN determination in liquids through direct automatic liquid injection
CHN 011 CHNS determination in fluorinated samples
CHN 012

High temperatur pyrolysis – influence of temperature on the isotope determination of O16/18 and H/D

CHN 013

Homogenisation of inhomogen soil samples
CHN 014 CHNS determination in difficult organic and inorganic samples
CHN 015 High-temperature elemental analysis and pyrolysis techniques for stable isotope analysis
CHN 016 Oxygen determination in stable isotopes such as silicon oxide, aluminium oxide and titanium oxide

CHN 017

Simultaneous isotope determination of carbon, nitrogen and sulfur
CHN 018 Isotope determination of carbon and nitrogen in low concentrations
CHN 019 Determination of oxygen isotope in quartz and silicate


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