About HEKAtech

HEKAtech is a leading provider of chemical equipment in the area of organic and anorganic analysis. Besides a broad range of chemical analysers, HEKAtech offers a independent laboratory service. Serving clients from all over the world with chemical analysis services, our headquarters are in Wegberg, Germany. We provide highest quality, state of the art analysers with most reliable results.


Our long experience in the area of elemental analysis and isotope ratio mass spectrometry, most modern laboratory equipment combined with the expertise of our highly qualified chemists guarantees highest quality standards and reliability.


The comprehensive range of our chemical analysers enables HEKAtech to be the ideal partner for elemental analyses and stable isotope determination at different areas of application:

  • Agricultural analyses
  • Chemical analyses  
  • Environmental analyses 
  • Stable isotope analyses
  • Fuel analyses
ISO 9001 Certificate
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HEKAtech GmbH

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